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Custom Orders

Options for Custom Orders

  1. Provide an UNUSED label for us to apply to one of our platters ($40 plus shipping)
  2. Send us an empty bottle. We will remove the label in the best way possible and put it on one of our platters ($45 plus shipping)
  3. Send us a bottle to MELT and we will remove the label in the best way possible before flattening it. We cannot guarantee the bottle will not shatter or turn hazy. If the bottle is too dark we will apply the label to the front and it will be for decorative use only ($50 plus shipping)
  4. Provide us with information for a custom designed label which can include names, wedding announcement, photograph, etc. ($55 plus shipping - discount on multiples of the same label)

Print custom form Print the custom order form.

We can duplicate your label so you can order multiple bottles.

Note that shipping is:
$9 for 1-2 bottles
Free for 3 or more bottles

Here are a few custom wine label samples. Click on them to see an enlarged view.

valley of the moon label Walt Disney Epcot Center food and wine festival label tri-blonde cellars label

Though we are very good at removing labels from bottles, there is always the chance that labels may be damaged in the removal process rendering them unusable to complete your order. There will be no charge if this happens.