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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that are unanswered here contact our studio.

Do you do custom orders?
Yes. Refer to our custom order tab or e-mail me to discuss options

Are these platters dishwasher safe?
The labels are water resistant, not water proof. Therefore the labels are protected against incidental water contact and should be hand washed only.

What are the uses for your platters?
These are hangable wall art or functional serving platters. Most people will hang these on their walls and use them to serve items such as cheese, fruit, crackers, meats and so on. You can chill theses platters in your refrigerator to help keep your servings cold.

Can these go in the oven?
It is not recommended that these go in the oven. The glass is tempered at specific degrees for strength and the typical home oven will most likely cause damage. Besides, your beautiful label would have a hard time withstanding the heat.

Are the labels on the inside?
The labels are on the back of the bottles. The extreme clarity of the bottles gives the impression that the labels are inside the bottles.

How do you get your platters so clear?
Can’t tell you. I have to have some secrets.

Some of the platters have bubbles. Is that normal?
Since it is an actual wine bottle air pockets are a part of its unique character.